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Flexible Epoxy Adhesives

United Adhesives provides epoxy adhesives that have flexibility like rubber. The rigidity varies from about Shore 25A to 85A. Customer can select desired softness for their designs to minimize the thermal and mechanical stresses.

Flexible epoxy adhesives combine the epoxy’s strong adhesion to various substrates and the softness of rubber like silicones. They can be applied for bonding electronic components, sealing, coating, or encapsulating electronic devices, parts, and cavities such as BGA, chip-on-board, bare die, CSP etc. They also provide superior vibration dampening. Optical clear flexible epoxy adhesive is also available for optoelectronic applications.

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Chemical Base

Flexible Epoxy

Flexible Epoxy

Flexible Epoxy

Flexible Epoxy

Transparent Epoxy

Features / Advantages

Impregnating type flexible epoxy. Thermal cure to form dielectric protective coating or potting.

Two-part for room temp curable.Good adhesion to various substrates

Flexible underfill or encapsulant.  One-component. Readily flowable.

Flexible coating or encapsulant.  Two-component. Readily flowable.

Fast flow low viscosity. High bonding strength. Room temperature curable.

Typical Application

Pot / encapsulate parts & cavities. Coat electronic parts. Vibration dampening. Thermal stress coupling

Encapsulate parts & cavities. Seal housings, lids. Coat electronic parts. Vibration dampening Thermal stress coupling

For under-filling or encapsulating electronic parts and components such as BGA, chip-on-board, bare die, CSP etc.

For under-filling or encapsulating electronic parts and components such as BGA, chip-on-board, bare die, CSP etc.

For coating, impregnating, potting, and sealing electronic components and devices.


Very thin. Capillary Flowable


Capillary flowable

Capillary flowable


Appearance / Color

Translucent / Amber

Transparent / Clear



Transparent / Clear

Part / Component

A/B = 2: 1

A/B =1:1

One part

A/B =1:1

A/B = 2:1

Viscosity @25C (cps, after mixing)






Pot / Work life (hr)

8 hrs

30 min

48 hrs

12 hrs

90 min

Cure Rate

125C 30 min

25C 6 to 8 hrs
85C 30 min

125C 30 min

125C 45 min

RmT 12 hrs
110C 30 min


< 25C

< 25C

- 40C

< 25C


Shelf Life

12 months @ 25C

12 months @ 25C

3 months @ -40C

12 months @ 24C

12 month @ 24C

CTE (ppm/C)
ASTM D3386-94





70 to 125

Modulus or Hardness

Shore A = 60

Shore A = 70

Shore A = 25

Shore A = 32

Shore A = 60

Volume Resistivity

> 10E12

> 10E12

> 10E13


> 10E+12

Dielectric Strength (V/mil)

> 480 V/mil

> 400 V/mil

> 400 V/mil

> 400 V/mil

500 V/mil

(Al/Al Lap Shear)

> 500 psi

> 1500 psi

> 200 psi

> 200 psi

> 1800 psi

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