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Electronic adhesives produced by United Adhesives Inc have been broadly used in industries such as aerospace, automotives, computers, defenses, electronics, semiconductors, and telecommunications.

To understand know how these adhesives are applied in these applications, please refer the following figure, where it shows a typical electronic module with various adhesives and sealants including potting and coating products:


   Underfills and Encapsulants
   Thermally Conductive Adhesives, ( One-Part, or Two-Part )
   EMI Shielding and Coating
   Electrically or Thermally Conductive Adhesives
   Non-Sag Adhesives or Gels
   Electrically Conductive Adhesives, ( Epoxy ECA or Silicone ECA )
   High Performance Epoxy, e.g. Low CTE Epoxy
   Low CTE Adhesives
   Conformal Coating, or Potting or Encapsulation
   Epoxy Adhesives for Special Applications, e.g. Optical epoxy for LED
   Thermal Gap Filling Materials
   Thermally Conductive Adhesives, ( One-Part, or Two-Part )
   RTV Sealants, or Heat Cure Adhesives & Sealants

Most of our electronics adhesives can be categorized in following areas of applications.
Please click any of the categories to find your specific need:

Click each of the following links to get a catalog pdf file of each product.
Most of our electronics adhesives can be categorized in following areas of applications.

  Anisotropic electrically conductive adhesives   Isotropic electrically conductive adhesives   Thermally conductive adhesives  
  Optically clear adhesives and encapsulants   Underfill adhesives (UF1230)   Catalog with overall products (2 MB)  

We understand and focus on the changing and development of new technologies in electronics industries. Thus our scientists and engineers specifically develop and produce custom formulations. Please contact our technical supports and services for the details.

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